Introducing Grace Van Berkum – Author of The Pay it Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self Book Volume 3

When I was first introduced to Grace by one of our Volume 2 book sisters, Shane, I wasn´t sure what to expect. Grace flies all around the world hosting beautiful retreats and sharing her passion for raw food and has many accolades to her name, however when we jumped on a call I was greeted by the biggest smile and warmest heart and an energy that just exuded out of every pore.

Not surprising when you understand the mission of Gracious Living Lifestyle & Oasis (GLO) centre in Nicaragua, which is to teach you how to care for your SELF from a body, mind, spirit perspective, so you can live your most energetic and happiest life possible.

So when we sat down to decide which story Grace should choose, I heard of a childhood that was the polar opposite, to the joyous and soul led happiness she has now, one where she was always in survival mode, wondering when the next turn of events would happen with the person who was meant to be a protector.

So I am so excited that in March 2020, you get to read Grace´s story as she joins her 17 book sisters and you can learn more about this phenomenal woman and the mission she is on to change the world

To learn more about Grace and her mission connect with her here

To book tickets to join her on her VIP Book Launch on the 13th March 2020 and to learn more about the authors of Volume 3 click here

The charity we are supporting with a percentage of our profits from this book is the amazing Morijana to discover more about their phenomenal work click here

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