Introducing Olga Brooks – Author of The Pay it Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self Book Volume 3

They say good news travels fast and when the lovely Lilli Badcock told everyone she was writing for our Volume 3 book, Olga Brooks saw her post and decided that she too had a story that needed to be shared.

Olga´s story is one of resillience, of finding a way no matter what, of making a choice when no good choices seem to be possible. Growing up in Russia it would be easy for Olga to believe that she had to follow the norm, that limited choice was available for her life, but Olga decided to create a new reality for herself which would see her travel to the USA and carve out a new life for herself and tap back into the feminine essence that sometimes gets lost along the way.

So I am so excited that in March 2020, you get to read Olga´s story in paperback as she joins her 17 book sisters and you can learn more about this phenomenal woman and the mission she is on to change the world

To learn more about Olga and her mission connect with her here

To book tickets to join her on her VIP Book Launch on the 13th March 2020 and to learn more about the authors of Volume 3 click here

The charity we are supporting with a percentage of our profits from this book is the amazing Morijana to discover more about their phenomenal work click here

Pre-order your copy of the kindle book out on 13th February 2020 here:







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